Back on track

It has been a while since the last post and in the meantime I changed my job and I became mom for the second time.

Almost sleepless nights that still go on after 8 months while trying to develop a professional profile that puts together all my different backgrounds and souls. Sometimes I feel like I am driving almost blindfolded altough I am sure to know where I want to end up. Next August will be already two years that we resettled in Brussels after being in Krakow one year and in Poitiers almost two years. I am wiser than before and I accomplished a lot of my personal achievement even though I always feel some sort of incompletion and I don’t really understand from which this sensation comes from.

I have more and more people who I start to know and even if I couldn’t call them friends, their presence make me feel a bit less lonely and a bit more in a place that I can call home.

We just came back from our first vacation as a family of four (in Tenerife “quel bonheur!”) and although in the first two days after our return both me and my husband were sincerely thinking about moving there (can you imagine a 365 days of summery-spring-ish weather?), the dream faded away and we are back to our reality.

Worrying about the renewed refugee’s crisis with obscene and revolting images and stories of migrants beated and offended in the bodies and in the souls. Children under constant bombing and European governments cover their eyes, letting things gone beyond control against every decency and human rights.

Worrying about Coronavirus that has spread so badly in Italy, where we still have our beloved ones, is our major concern in these days. We are worried about the pandemic infection that none seems to be able to understand or stop or cure. Worried about the scarce relevance given to it by the authorities here in Belgium and even more by the common people who seem to completely underestimate the gravity of the situation.

I am convinced this virus is a defense mechanism put in place by our Mother Earth in response to our despicable behaviour, it’s the end of a vicious circle and it implies the complete stop of an aggressive and unfair economic model linked to the highest rate of environmental pollution ever seen. And in this scenario we are the invasive (dummy) species destroying our environment and ultimately ourselves.

I strongly hope all this will be finishing soon and we could solve the infection that is making so many deaths around the world. But still, this has to lead the world goverments to a even strong committment to a major incoming disaster. Let’s hope for the best. Let’s continue our struggles. Let’s be unite and let’s work together.

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